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  1. Bar High Chair
    Bar High Chair
    Size (in mm): 460mm x 640mm x 1050mm Learn More
  2. Basic Chair
    Basic Chair

    Size (in mm) : Depth: 535mm
    Width: 580mm
    Height: 740mm
    Seat Height : 476mm

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  3. Bosco Chair
    Bosco Chair

    Size (in mm) : Depth : 760mm
    Width : 770mm
    Height : 745mm
    Seat Height : 430mm

    Learn More
  4. Breakfast Table High Chair
    Breakfast Table High Chair

    Size (in mm): 500mm W x 550mm D x 750mm H

    Learn More
  5. Butterfly Chair
    Butterfly Chair

    Size (in mm) : Depth: 540mm
    Width: 800mm
    Height: 830mm
    Seat Height : 400mm

    Learn More
  6. Cadre Chair
    Cadre Chair

    Size (in mm) : Depth : 560mm
    Width : 870mm
    Height : 760mm
    Seat Height : 330mm

    Learn More
  7. Cafe Chair FT-C15
    Cafe Chair FT-C15

    Size (in mm) : 520mm x 500mm x 825mm

    Learn More
  8. Chair

    Size (in mm) : Depth : 450mm
    Width : 490mm
    Height : 850mm
    Seat Height : 435mm

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  9. Cocoa Dining Chair
    Cocoa Dining Chair

    Size (in mm): 450mm D x 600mm W x 450mm SH x 950mm H

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