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Most of our furniture pieces are crafted in wood - a material we love because its long-lasting, durable and renewable. We take pride in giving our customers exceptional quality products that will last a lifetime. But we also understand the impact our choices have on the planet.

As a commitment to the planet and to offset the carbon footprint of our business, we have partnered with Grow-Trees, an Indian social enterprise. We are starting with planting 100 trees for their Delhi/NCR project.

About Trees for Delhi/NCR:

The planting of trees in the urban landscape of Delhi will help in increasing forest cover; improving the habitat for indigenous wildlife species. Trees will help to improve the overall air quality and ecosystem. By acting as carbon sinks, they will help to compensate for the greenhouse effect through the sequestration of 1,250,000 pounds of atmospheric carbon dioxide annually (average 50 pounds of carbon dioxide sequester per tree per year - Forestry Research and Engineering, May 2018). Trees will aid in removing particulate matter from the atmosphere, particularly small particles which are responsible for major air-pollution-related health hazards. Trees along urban areas can reduce the presence of fine particulate matter in the atmosphere within a few hundred meters of the plantation range.

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Why Trees?

We all know how important trees are for our ecosystem. Since trees use carbon dioxide to build their trunks, branches, roots, and leaves, they are natural carbon absorbers and help to clean the air. In fact, a study shows that a single mature tree can absorb up to 48 lbs per year. And the benefits don’t stop there: healthy trees hold the soil together, provide a home for wildlife, regulate temperatures, slow the flow of water through landscapes and much more.

So we decided to partner with Grow-Trees for the same.

Supporting a Good Cause

Grow-Trees is a social enterprise that is working towards planting trees across the country. Their mission is to help the environment by making it greener and help local communities with employment opportunities.

A Trusted One is affiliated with the United Nation's Environment Program's Billion Tree Campaign and WWF's Cities for Forests Campaign have acknowledged them as an Official Partner. The Harvard Business School Alumni Bulletin has recognised and acknowledged the work done by them as well.

Benefits of Trees

Planting trees is an important step in tackling climate change since they absorb carbon dioxide. But apart from that trees also several other benefits like production of oxygen, air cleansing, preventing soil erosion, recharging groundwater and many more.

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