Care Instructions

Taking care of your furniture
Upholstery: Fabrics

Vacuum or lightly brush your upholstery on a regular basis to avoid overall soiling. This includes fabrics such as velvet, suede, cotton, linen, wool, polyester. Use fabric protector to block stains (for example, Scotch guard by 3M).

If you follow these simple instructions for cleaning, you will maintain the life and beauty of your upholstery.


Dry cloth should be used periodically to remove dust and surface dirt.

Wood Furniture

Each product is created to provide excellent performance with minimal care.

Wood furniture should not be exposed to extreme heat or humid conditions. Try to avoid direct sunlight, which may cause finishes to fade.

Do not place plastic, rubber or heated objects directly on a wood finish. Chemicals in plastic and some rubber may soften or discolour the finish if left in contact with the furniture.

Spilled liquids should be wiped from the surface immediately with a soft, slightly damp cloth in the direction of the wood grain.

Regular cleaning with a soft dry cloth is all that is required for fine furniture. The use of a slightly damp cloth will safely remove any dirt or residue.


We would recommend you have your furniture item professionally waxed every year or as needed by a furniture professional.